The 6 Most Dangerous Words in the Content Development World

“Can you explain that in English?”


Do you ever get that question? Or do you get blank stares after delivering your PowerPoint? Do you get dull responses after following up with prospects who’ve downloaded your white papers?

I’d like to help you eliminate those situations entirely.

I’m a marketing and advertising copywriter with loads (and batches, and gigabytes) of experience in high technology – more specifically, enterprise software, consumer electronics, networking, telecom, specialized hardware, and the inter-connected IP layers among them.

I translate complex technologies into clear, compelling business benefits. I help you develop content that is both persuasive and understandable.

If you don’t have time to tackle new writing projects (or content development of any kind – we do video, too), or if your marketing team is currently overburdened, I can assist.

When signing up new clients, I focus on three areas:

  • I’m looking for marketing managers, directors, VPs and CMOs that are interested in producing remarkable, user-centric messages. Whether you’re an enterprise software developer or a consumer hardware manufacturer, someone has to use your product and I want to speak to them directly – where they live and breathe functionally, practically . . emotionally. I’m finished with the business of Gobbledygook. (I’ve done it for years, and it’s a whore’s business. You can see one of my corporate samples here. The writing’s OK, but the mission is often “play it safe,” so there’s not a lot of ‘remarkable’ in there.)
  • I’d like to get you thinking beyond immediate sales metrics. I’m interested in “moving the needle,” of course, and testing for the best results. But I really want to find out what’s unique and authentic about your products, your people and your customers. Then I’d like to move you into that zone beyond profit focus – the area where you’re accumulating evangelists first, laying the ground work for the money gusher that follows (something you can be proud of on multiple levels).
  • I don’t want to rush it, ‘phone it in,’ or make it sound like your competitor’s copy that you think is adequate. If you’re looking for a ‘cut and paste’ then paraphrase job, then I’m the wrong guy. There’s no value there, and there’s no way for me to shine and provide you with a real return on your money. It’s a dead end street.

In short, I’d like to help you make a difference in the world – Steve Jobs style – with simple, clear, compelling messages that resonate with users.

Compelling video, ay?… HubSpot’s excellent, but you need someone to write your content. 😉

A short list of some of the pieces we produce follows (we also offer rapid design and layout services):

  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Brochures
  • Web content
  • Blog ghost writing
  • Landing pages
  • Newsletters
  • Scripts
  • Presentations/Flash
  • Emails
  • Direct mail

QualityWriter customers include tech industry leaders (NetApp, D-Link, CMP Media, HP, Computer Associates, Oracle, Oracle-Hyperion, Software AG, Sage Software – ACT!, Neudesic, Toshiba) and medium- to small-sized software companies. We understand software, hardware and the unique benefits that solution providers need to communicate to end users, CIO’s and executive decision makers.

Are you ready to start a content development project today? Let’s schedule a kick-off meeting to explore your situation.

Leading Technology Companies Attest

“When I want something off of my task list and out of my mind, I send the project to QualityWriter, knowing that Phil will get great work back to me on deadline.”

Mary Passarelli
Marketing Manager
Computer Associates

“When you find a reliable, experienced freelance writer like Phil Dunn, it’s often cheaper, quicker and less complicated than doing it in-house.”

Wona Chung
Marketing Director

“If I need something written with little direction or input, I turn to Phil Dunn. With Phil I know that I can send an email and he will start writing. I can count on him to cover the things I can not get done, and that they will be of the quality I need. It’s amazing to me that with little direction or input Phil consistently exceeds my expectations. Thank you, Phil, for always coming through for us again and again.”

Kristen Timmers
Global Services Integrated Marketing

Sell, Educate, Communicate Success with Case Studies

Are Your Success Stories Strong Enough to Bring in New Business?

Case studies (or success stories) are specific, they’re testimonial, and sales people love them because they sell!

They open the door to meetings, demonstrate your company’s expertise and allow your customers to speak to your strengths.

However, it’s not easy to schedule the interview, get the case study produced and get the customer’s legal/PR departments to sign off.

more case study info – free resources..

Blog Creation and Optimization Services

Do you blog? Why not?

Any content a potential customer, partner or employee reads about your company represents an opportunity to educate, persuade and sell. And, anything published on the Web becomes an opportunity to gain search ranking, connect with audiences on a specific topic, and connect your messages to specific keywords.

A good copywriter helps you maximize the impact of every written word you publish on the Web – by blogging for you.

Blogs help you:

* Drive conversations
* Elicit feedback and comments
* Demonstrate market leadership
* Communicate directly with customers, prospects and the media

High tech solutions, like enterprise software and custom applications, require constant buzz, explanation and education. Prospects need to understand how solutions work, and they need to get excited about “the dream.”

Blogs help you do that.

The problem is, everybody’s busy in the go-go tech economy. Most thought leaders don’t have enough time to respond to all their email, let alone blog, Twitter, and seed stories.

more blog development info..

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