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5 Digital Media Tricks that Save Me *Lots* of Time Online

5 Digital Media Tricks that Save Me *Lots* of Time Online

Online communication is becoming central to most of our social and business lives. Face it – a laptop and smart phone/iPhone are the tools we use these days. It used to be the traditional telephone and the mail box, but now we have a lot of different ways to “explode” our messages, “go viral” and keep large groups of people updated.

How to send (and schedule) an update to multiple Social Networks at once. A step-by-step diagram. Hint: Ping.fm via HootSuite

A New, Better, Web-based Mind-Mapping Solution: Popplet Review

This one is different, because it’s a Web application that has all the features I need in one package. The mind maps I make are shareable and “social,” so I can show people all my thoughts and even collaborate them without any local client program.

Gist.com Is Awesome: A Serious Contender in the Small Business CRM Space [SMB]

Gist = an integrated, web-based, social contact management system for staying relevant and communicating all in one place. It’s also a great customer relationship management (CRM) system that’s useful for tracking leads, keeping notes on important accounts/companies, and prioritizing your communications.