Free Copy Review, Evaluation and Tune-Up

Are your marketing documents ready for an overhaul?

Do you have in-house writing staff but need a fresh, outside perspective?

Is your existing copy connecting fully with prospects, partners, employees and customers?

Here’s an offer that won’t cost you anything but a simple referral once you’ve completed the process.

This month (May ’09), QualityWriter is giving away a few free copy tune-up and critique packages to select prospects and past clients (this is something we usually charge $300 to $400 for). This is first come first served – we can only do so many between regular deadlines.

Here’s how it works:

First, call us or email to get the ball rolling (949) 515-3510

Next, send us Web content, a landing page, a direct mail or email piece, a case study, a data sheet, a short brochure, or two pages of a white paper (anything up to 500 words), and we’ll give it a complete content analysis and evaluation (review notes and improvement plan included).

Make small progress today with your marketing documents, and ensure big progress in the future:

  • Connect with prospect/customer motivations.
  • Restructure your copy to get a natural conversation going
  • Immediately get customers thinking about the key issues and questions that matter to them most
  • Present solutions in a clear, compelling manner
  • Strengthen your calls to action and show readers what you’d like them to do next
  • Bolster your credibility and authority with 3rd party analyst or customer quotes, testimonials and insights

You can also get a taste for how I work and think.. and perhaps we can work on a writing project some day.

Get started right now – call (949) 515-3510 or email There’s nothing to lose here. If the improved copy helps you sell more and improve your brand/image, you actually come out ahead.