Blog Development

Blogging Improves Your Google Position, Informs Customers, and Drives Sales

I can help you create timely, technically accurate, and entertaining blog posts that get scooped by journalists and drive your brand.

High tech solutions, like enterprise software and sophisticated networking equipment, require constant buzz, explanation and education. Prospects need to understand how solutions work, and they need to get excited about “the dream.”

Blogs help you do that.

The problem is, everybody’s busy in the go-go tech economy. Most thought leaders don’t have enough time to respond to all their email, let alone blog, Twitter, and seed stories.

If done right, blogging can develop new markets by explaining previously unknown capabilities and close business by connecting with those already “in the know.”

As a technically-oriented marketing copywriter, I can help you explain your solutions while communicating compelling marketing messages via blogs. I can help open the door to meetings, demonstrate your company’s expertise, educate the market, and even drive sales.

I can also tactfully interview your customers to develop success stories/case studies. But that’s another subject.

Contact me now to start developing professional technology blogs that motivate prospects and generate new business.

My company also offers AdWords campaign development services. I do this in partnership with McBuzz Communications. They handle the AdWords account management and SEO details, while I provide professional ad copy and custom landing pages designed to lower CPC and weed out dud prospects.

Please call (949) 244-9440 or email me to discuss details and initiate a project quote.

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