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More Than Any Other Document.. Case Studies Sell*

Are Your Success Stories Strong Enough to Bring in New Business?

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Case studies (or success stories) are specific, they’re testimonial, and sales people love them because they sell!

They open the door to meetings, demonstrate your company’s expertise and allow your customers to speak to your strengths.

However, it’s not easy to schedule the interview, get the case study produced and get the customer’s legal/PR departments to sign off.

We can help you develop your own process for writing case studies. We can even show you the most important things to consider when evaluating prospective case study interviews.

We’ve got a complete system that works for generic/anonymous case studies as well as consensual, public case studies, where the customer doesn’t have any qualms about exposing their experience (they might have some publicity to gain, in fact!).

Download our quick-start report to start developing professional case studies (success stories, customer briefs.. whatever you want to call them) that motivate prospects and generate new business.

Or, hire us to manage your case study development process.. Or, we can simply act as an outside writer/journalist. All you need are some customers that are willing to be interviewed about their experiences with your company.

Once the interview is complete, We produce top-notch copy in two days!

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Important: If you don’t get an email response within 24 hours, please call. We get a lot of emails, and some of them get filtered out by anti-SPAM software. Thanks.

P.S. We also produce related marketing collateral, including:

  • Web Content
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • White Papers
  • Press Releases
  • Data Sheets
  • Direct Mail
  • email campaigns
  • Trade show scripts
  • Flash presentations

* Except a signed contract 🙂

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