“Phil – part of your talent lies in your ability to work with a host of personalities and corporate cultures..not an easy thing to do. Global Crossing looks forward to continuing our relationship with you. The only way you could get a “10” on Response Time would be to become a full-time Global Crossing employee – which doesn’t’ appear to be in the cards. I put a 9 down only to manage my own expectations that I may need to wait a few days for you to be available…. :)”

Michelle Soltesz
Senior Marketing Communications Manager
Global Crossing

“When I want something off of my task list and out of my mind, I send the project to QualityWriter, knowing that Phil will get great work back to me on deadline.”

Mary Passarelli
Marketing Manager
Computer Associates International, Inc.

QualityWriter isn’t just about cranking out text. They see the bigger picture – how our products fit together, what our customers expect of us, and how our partners compliment our solutions.”

Carrie Kulak
Director of Marketing and Inside Sales
SafeStone Technologies, Inc.

“We handed Phil an enormous, highly complex writing job for a client on the east coast that he handled beautifully. The project required conference calls, review cycles, and revisions, and Phil didn’t miss a beat. We have great confidence in QualityWriter for tight-deadline high-tech writing projects.”

Gwenn Marie
Senior Writer and Creative Director
Coombs Media

“We needed a writer who could write good marketing copy but also one with the background and experience required for communicating with engineers, product managers, partners and customers. QualityWriter delivered.”

Linda DiBiasio, Owner
L. DiBiasio Editorial ServicesSpecializing in custom magazines for business and industry
Editor for Ariba Magazine

“If I need something written with little direction or input, I turn to Phil Dunn. With Phil I know that I can send an email and know that he will start writing. I can count on him to cover the things I can not get done, and know that they will be of the quality I need. Thank you, Phil, for always coming through for us again and again.”

Kristen Timmers
Global Services Integrated Marketing

“Initially we worried about using a remote, independent writer, but we haven’t thought about it once since. Phil is the first one in all of our conference calls, he gets copy in on time, and he provides quick turnaround on revisions. . . We can trust QualityWriter to be highly professional with our customers and partners. They expect a high level of competence and technical understanding, and QualityWriter exceeds that.”

Vickie Hall
Program Manager
North American Software Provider Program (1997 – 1998)

“Some writers take it personally when their work is criticized. Not Phil. He rolls with the punches and provides revisions and rewrites as our creative process evolves.”

Ray Dischino
Senior Editor, Creative Services
Hyperion Solutions (Oracle)

“When you find a reliable, experienced freelance writer like Phil Dunn, it’s often cheaper, quicker and less complicated than doing it in-house.”

Wona Chung
Marketing Director

“Being in an engineering field, we are continually challenged with communicating to our customers and the public our talents, capabilities and services. Individuals that are able to cross disciplines and break down communication barriers are nearly impossible to find. Phil is without a doubt the most talented and professional individual we have come across with these abilities. He understands our needs as well as the customers and effortlessly communicates with them in accordance with our guidelines and business desires.”

Eric Peacock
{i} Iocene Technology Corporation

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